Saturday, 21 July 2012

Beautiful Dowth winter shots from Anne Marie Moroney

For some years, a row of evergreen trees growing to the southwest of Dowth has gradually blocked the light from the setting sun at Winter Solstice entering the southern chamber of the Neolithic cairn. However, a couple of years ago, with the permission of the land owner, there was some trimming of the trees which allowed sunlight back into the chamber - with glorious results, as can be seen in these photos, which were taken by Anne Marie Moroney in early January 2011. Anne Marie, author of 'Dowth - Winter Sunsets', has been studying the phenomenon for years.


  1. Dowth is my favorite place in the world. It is beautiful to see things as they were meant to be!

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      Laura (book cover artist)

  2. Thanks Anne Marie
    These are awesome.

  3. Dowth is one of my very favourite places - it's beautiful to see it like this!

  4. Unfortunately when I went to Dowth it was all locked up so I didn't get to see inside.

  5. This phenomenon is noted by Taliesin as Gnawd ysgwyd ysgawn ar gefn yscawd or Gnawd ysgwyd ysgafn ar gefn ysgawd: The custom of a flutter/shield light body on the back of a shadow.The rectangle of light, called a light body as opposed to a shadow or dark body, is compared to a fluttery airy shield of the sun. How very sublime the concept.