Friday, 21 December 2012

Huge crowd at Newgrange for clouded-out solstice

Crowds gathering for the solstice dawn at Newgrange. The sun didn't appear.
The sun didn't show at Newgrange this morning for Winter Solstice, but that didn't deter a huge crowd from enjoying the occasion. A larger-than-usual gathering, perhaps helped by all of the recent hype about the supposed end of the world, came together at the 5,200-year-old Stone Age monument to enjoy the spectacle nonetheless. There was music, drumming and reading, including a brief presentation by myself. I read from George Russell's "A Dream of Angus Oge" and Joseph Campbell's Masks of the Gods before giving a brief explanation of the cosmic significance of the solstice and how that fits in with the design and mythology of Newgrange.
The huge crowds at Newgrange enjoyed the morning despite the sun not shining.
Music was provided to greet the 2012 solstice dawn.
Yours truly reading from Joseph Campbell at Newgrange.


  1. Well, never mind, this being a standstill and all, it should be the same light show tomorrow!

    1. That indeed is very true! There's always Dowth for sunset tomorrow evening too...