Thursday, 3 January 2013

Video - the making of the new Boyne Valley interactive map

Above is a short video showing how I put together the new Boyne Valley Ancient Sites Interactive Map for Mythical Ireland. I quickly show how the map was compiled layer by layer, with different features being added along the way. The map is fully interactive - you hover over each site or feature with your mouse and a text box pops up explaining what that particular monument or feature is. A lot of the sites are also clickable, leading to further content. The new map features lots of newly-discovered monuments and landscape features, including a large raised routeway running from Dowth towards Site Q, the Dowth Henge, and the Dowth cursus which runs away from Dowth passage-tomb towards Ballyboy Lake. 

The huge range of sites in the valley featured on the map include passage-tombs, mounds, barrows, possible passage-tombs, embanked enclosures, ringforts, earthworks, standing stones, ritual ponds, a destroyed stone circle, and more.

You can see the map at this link:

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