Sunday, 10 July 2016

'Above Below' - a documentary about Newgrange author Anthony Murphy and his fascination with the monuments

This is a segment from a half hour documentary about Newgrange Monument to Immortality author Anthony Murphy and his journey from being a newspaper journalist into writing books about the ancient monuments of the Boyne Valley.

The film was made by local film maker Martin O'Donoghue. In this segment, Anthony talks about his many visits to Newgrange and discusses some of his personal insights into this ancient wonder. He talks in particular about how he wanted to write a book devoted to Newgrange, having included the monument as part of a wider look at the ancient landscape in his first work, Island of the Setting Sun.

The project is a precursor to a much  larger, full-length documentary film on the subject, exploring the meaning of Newgrange to people today. Planning for that larger film has begun.

A screen shot from Above Below with Anthony Murphy.


  1. You mentioned some interesting points about the ancestors being engaged in scientific study and interpreting what they learned in a spiritual sense. This is something that interests me about the ancestors, especially our celtic ancestors, but it is an aspect which is most difficult to access. What remains in their constructions, their language, stories and everything else that we have received from them as our heritage offer us some understanding and are worthy of respect, protection and nurturing. Keep up the good work.

  2. Loch Craobh on Sliabh na Caillí measures the Summer Solstice. County Meath and its radials across Ireland, constitute an island-wide calendar, imbued with civic rituals, including royal inauguration and procreation. Newrgrange is probably a conception chamber. The sun in Irish is grian, related to the words "Grainne" and grain. The sun in Irish has male and female aspects, depending on the era.