Sunday, 9 October 2016

Welcome to Fourknocks! - a quick tour of ancient megalithic monument in photographs and video

A wide-angle view of Fourknocks from the northeast. It was excavated and restored in the 1950s.
Fourknocks is a small megalithic passage-tomb on a ridge in southeastern County Meath, about 9 miles (14.7km) miles from Newgrange. The passage of Newgrange actually points towards Fourknocks, although neither site can be seen from the other due to intervening hills. There were two mounds excavated at Fourknocks by archaeologist P.J. Hartnett in the 1950s - this one, labelled Fourknocks I, and a nearby mound known as Fourknocks II. The latter was found to contain a cremation trench, where it is thought the remains of the deceased were cremated before being placed in Fourknocks I. This is a small selection of photos and a video from Fourknocks I, showing several of its features.

The short passage leading into a large, egg-shaped chamber with three recesses.
The entrance lintel stone has been placed on its side in the chamber for protection.
The western or right-hand recess. It is the largest recess and has a small plinth stone within.
A view towards the entrance, showing the lintel (left) and the "guardian" stone (right) illuminated.
Zig-zag carvings on a lintel above the interior of the passage. Their meaning is not known.
Concentric circles on another stone near the passageway. The stone is known only as Stone B.
Honouring the ancestors at Fourknocks.
A faded spiral on Stone B.
Lozenges and zig-zags on the lintel of the southern (end) recess.
Don't forget to watch this short video from inside Fouknocks. It gives a brief idea of the size of the monument and some of the features inside.


  1. Thanks so much for that wonderful tour of Fourknocks. Went into a similar tomb near Oldcastle, Meath a few years a go. As soon as your video started I remembered instantly the feeling of reverence I had then towards ancient people's beliefs and rituals. Linda

    1. Linda, you are probably talking about Loughcrew. See my latest post about Loughcrew for some nice images!


  2. Fascinating awesome place I been to." An laying adults thinking with look up toward and all direction sun rails." Lozenges zigzag lintel of southern end. Stone B Galaxy star sign and planets alignments. And many teaching love of work. Eye and belly bottom human centre ascend on gravity." Hope you will get it from here Bakary clane

  3. Thanks for this, especially the video. Was there in late August and was awed by the carved stones. It didn't even occur to me to make a video.