Monday, 14 November 2016

November 14th Super Moon - live broadcast on Facebook

This is a video showing a live broadcast I did on the Mythical Ireland Facebook page today about tonight's Super Moon. The Super Moon refers to a full moon that appears bigger and brighter than normal because the moon is full and at perigee - its closest approach to earth. This was the biggest full moon visible since 1948, and although there are regular "super moons", this was rare because of its proximity and its relative size - 14% larger than normal and up to 30% brighter.

In the live broadcast, I discussed the possibility that super moons were noticed in the Neolithic, at the time Newgrange was built. Viewing the moon from the chamber, through the roof box, would enable ancient observers to see the relative size of the moon in relation to the "frame" of the aperture - and therefore they might be able to discern changes in its relative size.

The setting Super Moon on the morning of November 15th, shortly before sunrise.

There is a full moon every 29.5 days - a period we call the Synodic Lunar Month. The super moon on December 14th will also be big, but not as big as tonight's one.

Clouds spoiled the show here in the Boyne Valley, but I did get a few brief glimpses of the moon later in the evening. Below is a brief video showing a quick glance at the moon through very fast-moving clouds:

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