Monday, 22 May 2017

New map of Hill of Tara monuments – free PDF download

I have created a new map of the Hill of Tara, showing many of the extant monuments plus a few features that have vanished or been destroyed.

The map also includes modern features, such as roads and buildings, and is designed to be a helpful guide as you make your way around the hill and examine the various monuments. The map is downloadable as a PDF, which you can print out if you like.

The new map also pinpoints the locations of various sacred wells in the landscape.* Some of these are no longer visible, and some have only been named in modern times. However, the Well of the White Cow has been beautifully restored and is a lovely place to visit and spend some time.

The Well of the White Cow at Tara has been beautifully restored.
* I am grateful to Kyrie Murray for the locations and names of the various wells around Tara.